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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
Here's how I'd test that - add the one that seems wrong to a character, and then in the Develop menu, make sure Enable Data File Debugging is turned on at the top, and then choose "Floating info Windows" at the bottom. From that, choose "Show selection tags", filter for "Sin Seeker", and check the race you find, and then click OK. Scroll down pretty close to the bottom, and look for something with "Sources Used" in the Group Name column, and then it'll have something like "usesource.PathWraRig" in the Tag Id column, and it'll have the name of that source in the Tag Name column. In the configure hero menu (re-opened from the Character menu), that will be the name of the source that needs to be turned on for this particular version to appear. The tag I listed is from the version of Sin Seeker we created.
I would recommend looking for the tag ProductID.HLCommunit which will let you know if its from the community pack or not. The community pack has a Sin Seeker monster and it is from Wrath of the Righteous and is source marked to PathWraRig.

In hindsight the community should not have used the core source for doing the AP's but can't change that now.

Anyways I fixed the community version to no longer give Darkvision.

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