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As with phones, Android devices will outnumber iOS soon - it is only a matter of time. When you can get Android tablets on sale for $49 it is a much more affordable solution for the price conscious gamer.

It matters little to me since I have both -- my workplace has gifted me with a new ipad along with a macbook pro. But what my Android tablet could do for $4 (splashtop remote desktop purchase running HL from my desktop) cost me $20 plus $17 each subsequent year on the ipad, not to mention lots of other little problems with the app store (only one of a particular type of app, far more free apps on droid cost $ on ipad, having to download things like goodreader just to use dropbox syncing, and I am sure several more to come)

Android is already more versatile than Apple. That plus price means the audience will shift in the next 24 months.
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