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Excellent! Thank you for wanting to spend your time on improving the lists.

There is certainly a lot to do for the lists. For a start, I suggest you pick a warband that isn't there - any warband you like (apart from the Dark Elves, these have been taken up by someone else) and construct the list for it.

First make sure you have the latest version, then start your work on the list. It's not hard to do - just follow the instructions that came with the lists. The original author did a good job of making the lists expandable.

Please use the original army lists (the ones from GW's website preferably, is also a good resource, but take care - mistakes happen). Take into account the official FAQs (also found on the GW website) when constructing the list to make it consistent.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Please let me know which warbands you choose.

When you're done please send me the exported file so I can update the one on the server.

Also, if you wish to take over ownership of the files I would be happy to hand them over, as I do not have the time to expand the lists on a regular basis.
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