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Mordheim Lists Development Post

Version 1.1, 27 March 2012
Full list of changes:

New features:
• Added Orcs and Goblins
• Added Bretonnian Knights

• Experience points now increase henchman cost in campaign games, as per core rulebook, p144, paragraph 'new recruits and existing henchmen groups'
• Spears are no longer unwieldy, as per p42 of the core rulebook
• Fixed verminkin stats
• Fixed novice sisters' stats
• Fixed sister superior stats
• Fixed elf ranger equipment
• Fixed maximum henchman experience to 14, as per the roster sheet in the core rulebook
• Fixed maximum hero experience to 90, as per the roster sheet in the core rulebook

• Put unofficial warbands (ie. Bretonnian Knights) into a separate ruleset
• Fix warband rating calculation for Henchmen
• Add validation rules for Bretonnian Knights using warhorses/horses

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