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That you see the same tabs that have always existed was intentional. The end user wasn't supposed to see anything different, although the tab might have been re-organized slightly - for example, take a look at the panel of a user-created class with spellcasting capability - does it now have a class specials button - the kind of thing that only existed on the pre-defined classes, not the user classes?

It sounds like you may want to clean up your install, then.

Move your entire HeroLab/data/d20 folder to the desktop or somewhere else, reinstall the d20 files. Then, you can move files from your copy of the folder one at a time, testing each one. You should be able to copy a user-created class without copying the panel file that was generated with it.

Oh, and you mentioned before that you kept running into errors as you copy files. If you right-click on an error message in HeroLab, you can copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into a forum post. That way I can help you learn what sort of errors mean what sort of problems, and how to fix them.
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