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If you're trying to incorporate a class into a main file, just delete the class panel file - don't even worry about it.

When editing the XML, be careful about opening and closing elements. Every Hero Lab file will begin with <document signature="Hero Lab Data"> and end with </document>, so make sure that you don't copy those elements from the second file into the first, and that you place the new information before the closing </document> element.

Each thing in a Hero Lab file will begin with <thing>, and end with </thing>, so also be careful not to put something inside a pair of <thing></thing> elements.

I would HIGHLY recommend using a text editor to merge two files, rather than trying to copy the elements one at a time. The editor isn't made for moving infomation - it's made to help you enter the information.

There is now a single class panel that is used for all classes - there is no longer a need to define a custom class panel for each class - they all use the same one. The whole point of that work was that the user doesn't need to worry about the class panel when they're creating a new class.
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