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I was careful to put markers in and blank lines to indicate what data i had entered. All i was attempting to do was combine 2 files. i received a prestige class for the Complete Champion as a sperate file and was adding it to the main file that holds the rest of the information.

Maybe the problem is with the class panel. What happens is that i opne my main file (the one with all the other prestige classes, spells, feats and such in it), but in order to close the file it wants me to save it. if i do the first prestige class listed drops the Linked Panel ID. then when i go to open the file or use it it says that the boot strap isnt there.

It seems that i run into numerous problems with merely copying information in the xml files created. it seems the simplest cause the program to stop working. is there way way possible to create a script or application that can combine 2 Hero Lab files without causeing any issues? i have spent way too much time trying to handle major problem that seem to arise when i try to do simple changes. i've been told that you can just use an editor and drop in the new information, but that process just doesnt work. i'm really becoming frustrated with the product, but if everytime i make a small change the program doesnt work and i need to spend weeks working to resolve it, i'm not sure its worth it.

also if the class panel isnt used, how can prestige classes be entered? all i have in my editor are the class, class level, and class special tabs.
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