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Some script code can be used to modify and adjust various attributes and abilities of characters in HeroLab.

Other code and objects have internal code that acts upon it that is difficult, if not impossible, to modify and adjust.

Working with the cHelpxxx object, you may be working in the later territory.

Without more specific knowledge about what you actually want to happen, that's about all I can provide. Mind you, some class abilities themselves can be bootstrapped directly. Others require a bit of tag/script work to make that happen. The task you are attempting without using levels might be a monumental task. Having done tasks to change features of HeroLab that were monumental to accomplish, I don't envy you the task. In fact, there are a few I gave up on because they just couldn't be "fixed" the way I wanted (Alternate Form and Change Shape abilities come to mind).

I'll help if I can, but I think this involves alot more than just a few lines of code to enact.

NOTE: I also tried to create a 0-level commoner template without much success. I've got a semi-working model that had worked at one point, but I got hit with changes in HeroLab updates that broke it and I don't want to go through all the rigmarole just to get it working again. But that's another story.

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