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Hey all! Just started diving in over the weekend to enter my Adventures in Middle Earth campaign. Using the 5e framework I'm starting by inputting the one module we've already played through (Eaves of Mirkwood) based on Josh Plunketts videos (thanks! btw.)

Few pieces for discussion that are rattling around my brain:
  1. At first it seems like having HeroLab is almost a no brainer - but then I saw some snippets that HL might not be great for "unsupported" systems like AiME. I'll probably stick with doing screen captures of PDFs for Statblocks as there is probably enough customization to be done in RW without having to deal with customizing HL too. Anyone want to convince me otherwise?

  2. Entering Individuals. Love that the default Individual category is filled with brainstorm inspiring snippet types - but also hate that I get bogged down with that minutia for the small characters.
    • Thought about unchecking the "auto add" for the snippets I don't want.
    • Also thought about starting a Individual2 or Individual-ME category and unchecking "show" on the original one.
    • Also thought about adding a NPC category under People grouping - and then maybe nesting that under the original Individual entry. Ugh..lots of thoughts.
    • Anyone want to throw out some pros and cons to the above thoughts? Also, anyone want to share a screen shot of what they use for tracking individuals & NPCs?

  3. I have downloaded some of the D&D 5E Basic Rules (+SRD) in anticipation of pulling in rules links for when I'm writing encounters. I see that they are all stored under the Sources grouping and that makes good sense to me. I can't seem to figure out any good use case for any entries under "Source" in the World Almanac. Anyone use it?

Looking forward to diving in more and hearing some thoughts.
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