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Originally Posted by Dami View Post
I'm looking to add it to the Community Files in the near future.
In that case I will ask now if you have followed the file naming convention for the community files? In addition the most important is having a special 2 digit value you used for all Unique ID's. If so what did you use? This includes all tags and class unique ids.

File naming convention
1. COM_ - Is the new community file identifier that we did the file. This is changed from the PFRPG_ we have been using and not fully following for the community bestiary.
2. PackName_ - The name of the Pack that we belong into. For example "BasicPack" or "GMMythicPack". You will notice its one word no spaces or special characters using Camel Case (each new letter of a word is upper case).
3. Book Name or Adventure Path Number - (NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS INCLUDING commas, or single quotes) So if we are Paizo adventure path then we will follow it with the Adventure Path book number like AP088 (yes three numbers) is "Valley of the Brain Collectors". If we are a book for say Tome of Horror we will follow it with "TomeOfHorror" once again using camel case and no spaces or special characters.
4. Specific file name - So a helpful name for stuff. In example "Racial Specials" or "Feats" to describe what the file contains. This will be full words with spaces but no special characters.
5. SOURCE .1st files - Will always be named as with COM_Source_XXX - Name.1st where "XX" is the level number. So in example the primary parent file is named "COM_Source_01 - Community Packs.1st" and the Basic Pack which is a child of this so it would be named "COM_Source_10 - Basic Pack.1st" as ten will sort lower than 01. Then each child of the basic pack will be number as 10x where "x" is the next number in the sequence. In example the ShadowChemosh Gaming Addon is a child source of the Basic Pack so it would be named as "COM_Source_101 - ShadowChemosh.1st".

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