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Originally Posted by AndrewD2 View Post
Well if it's an already existing procedure in your system, you could just go replace the code in it. It's likely in your procedure.dat file from the original skeleton files.

If you're referring to something else, please elaborate.
Ok, this is a bit of a story that's not cut and dry. I use the Savage Worlds system and frankly, I am waffling on the decision to start mostly from scratch OR figure out what stuff in the existing SW that I can fix vs what i can live with. There's quite a few changes I would want and some of them are sadly in the procedures, hence the question. Some of the changes CapedCrusader has on his list to add/fix, but others are so big a change that there is no way to easily do so without breaking paid for content as well as the dozens of fan made setting files built over the years. Anyhow, back to procedures specifically...

In THIS case, I have clear and easy access to the source since that's what the Authoring Kit example is based upon. however, if I were to ever want to play a different game (such as D&D 5e for example), I want to know what, if anything would be possible if I needed to change the contents of some procedures.

Specifically, for the way Savage Worlds works, this also is at whole decision I am working on is part of the feature request I made the other day since that situation happens all the time in Savage Worlds and likely rarely happens in most other game systems(need for "replaces", but only sometimes).
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