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Originally Posted by Mjprogue View Post
So lets say I buy Herolab (which I am on the verge of doing) am I able to create characters for games not covered (obviously with some extra effort) or am I required to get this add on to do so?
If you want to create a new game system like "Shadows Cool RPG" then you need the Authoring kit. You need to be comfortable working with XML files in this case.

Players would also need Authoring Kit license to run this new game and to successfully make characters.

Originally Posted by Mjprogue View Post
For that matter am I able to create new data for existing games (new feats, spells, etc.) or am I limited to stuff I have licenses for?
For existing games like d20 or Pathfinder you can use the "Editor" that really helps simplify adding new things like feats and spells. No need to know XML but you may need to learn the HL scripting language. Existing Editors even in Demo mode are fully functional so feel free to play in the editor in Demo mode if you wish.

Originally Posted by Mjprogue View Post
I was led to believe that Herolab was useable with any game...but if its useless for anything not licensed I need to rethink.
The Authoring kit was the same "tool set" LW used to make all the games you see available from Pathfinder to Shadowrun. They used nothing special to make the licensed game systems. So if its a game system you can create it using the Authoring kit.

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