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An interesting observation related to over ride.

If a unit is assigned more than 2 types by default, and then you also assign an over ride that if a situation is true, that it is suppose to clear those types and assign a new type, it does not work.

The original author had created the Nefsokar Walking Avatar, gave it the types: monster, golem, and unique. The over ride states that if the Avatar is part of roster.nefsokar, then clear the other types and just give it type: monster.

In theory is how is suppose to work, but in practice, I fouund that I have to lower it to 2 types iitially to get it to work correctly. Luckily, the type: golem never really got flushed out in the game so it is not really needed in there.

But, I figured I would point it out anyway since there could easily come up future situations where removing the extra type is not possible.
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