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The Doll of Escape?

The Lictor can acuire a number of Dolls of Escape equal to half his Power rating rounded down to the nearest integer. Each Doll counts as one in the number of artefacts to which the Magician is allowed. Each of these dolls must be bound to a Character of Mid-Nor having the Possessed Ability. This attribution must be made at the end of the approach phase. After this, during any game round, the Lictor may sacrifice one single doll at the moment he is activated.

Roll a D6. On a result of 1 the fighter bound to the doll suffers a Damage Roll of a Strength equal to the Magician's Power and nothing else happens. On any other result the fighter immediately disappears and reappears in contact with the Magician. This artefact cannot be used if the new figurine cannot be placed touching the Magician.

A same Character may only be bound to one doll. Once sacrificed, the Doll of Escape is discarded.

The Dolls of Escape are reserved to Magicians of Mid-Nor that master Cthonian Magic.
Yes, I have not been able to add this card to my files yet because of its complex nature.
The "binding" aspect is similar to the Kelt's Gesas, and is quite hard to model with my limited knowledge of AB.

Bon Chance!

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