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I had something very odd happen tonight. The D&D SRD had an update. So I updated. Then I opened one of the Portfolios I use. I opened a character and made a couple changes. When I went to save the portfolio the Hero Lab informed me I couldn't save as it was now running in Demo mode. My license was no longer valid. Yet it ran fine last night and the night before.

Couple of quick facts:
No I did not change computers.
No I did not change OS.
No I did not update anything in the last week.
The ONLY change I made in the last week was run the update of the SRD.

Why would this require the "Move the license to this machine" error?

I don't plan to buy a new computer in the next six months so no big deal, until it does this again of course.

Please help me figure out what happened.
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