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I've done this a number of ways. Usually, I'll create a cast list, using either bullets or a table with text linked to topics with details about the individuals.

With more complicated cast list, such as bandit groups that may have multiple personalities of note, I'll use a Group List and I create a section header for each bandit group, set to collapse by default, so it will look something like this when I open it:


I don't alwasy set the section to collapse by default as the Table of Contents makes it easy to see the list and jump to a specific section. Either way, this gives me a quick list of groups and individuals.

In the section I'll have a brief summary. The herolap snippet not only gives me a quick way to pull the stats into Hero Lab, but the snippet title is autolinked to the topic page for the individual or group.


Again, I don't do this for every cast list as this much detail is not always needed, but with more complex organization I find it a very convenient way to organize important groups and individuals.

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