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So, a while back the announcement was made that Hero Lab (specifically HLO) would no longer be able to provide content if you didn't own the corresponding PDF and, that you needed to link your Paizo account to your HLO account so HLO could check it and charge your for a PDF accordingly. No problem. I like Paizo. They deserve to get paid for putting out a fantastic product.

Fast forward to today. I own:

Lost Omens: World Guide
Lost Omens: Character Guide
Lost Omens: Gods & Magic
Fall of Plaguestone - Character Content

that I didn't expressly buy a PDF for through Paizo. I think to myself "Awesome, I got it through HLO when I bought the content packs, because it's required." So, I go over to my Paizo account digital content and:

NONE of these PDFs are in there.

So, did a policy agreement you had with Paizo change? Did the system mess up? What's going on?

Are we even getting discounts for PDFs we already own, like was previously promised? Is account linking working at all?

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