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Originally Posted by Voromir View Post
I don't know if this has been suggested, but I would like to see a date installed column on the latest updates screen. So we can easily tell if we've already installed an update or not...?
You're in a Realm Works forum, not the general Hero Lab one. You're also in a thread about reducing the number of bytes an image takes up on disk.

In Realm Works the installed version is shown on the splash screen (visible at startup, while loading a realm, and from Tools/About in the Launcher or Help/Product Info in a realm). If you go to Tools in the Launcher you can Check For Updates to see if you're on the latest version.

In Hero Lab's Latest Updates list an exclamation point indicates that you have the item installed and there's a newer version of it available. Unfortunately, there's no visible difference between something that's up to date and something that isn't installed at all. While I'd like to see those shown differently (perhaps using another icon to show "not installed"), I doubt they'd put much effort into it due to the move towards Hero Lab Online. Ah, well.

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