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Cloak of Crusader (an item I had already written) isn't working properly.

Below is my code, but my code doesn't handle the one nugget.
The cloak (and all items in that section) have additional features based on the deity. The creator of the item (or anyone with Craft Wondrous Items) can change the deity required even after the item has been created.

The Cloak of Crusader requires Arazni, which Gods & Magic doesn't appear to allow. There needs to be some way to default to Arazni, but allow the user to easily change the default. Maybe make a non-error warning something like "Requires Craft Wondrous Item to modify deity" display so they player knows he is deviating from the default, but not post it as a big red error?

Anyway here is my item along with it's required deity.

  <thing id="ioCloCrusa" name="Cloak of the Crusader" description="Source Gods and Magic 55\nAura faint enchantment; CL 1st\nSlot shoulders; Price 2,700 gp; Weight 3 lbs. \nDescription\nThis brilliant red cloak bears a golden symbol of an upright winged sword. You may use bless once per day.\n\nIf Arazni is your patron, you gain a +1 natural armor bonus on AC. As a standard action, you may create an illusory image of your holy banner (an upright winged sword on a red field), which floats 2 to 5 feet above your head like a battle standard and remains in place as long as you are conscious. \nConstruction\nRequirements Craft Wondrous Item, bless, barkskin, silent image; Cost 1,350 gp" compset="Wondrous">
    <fieldval field="gWeight" value="3"/>
    <fieldval field="gCost" value="2700"/>
    <fieldval field="iCL" value="1"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="EquipMag" name="EquipMag" abbrev="EquipMag"/>
    <tag group="Hero" tag="EqpBack" name="Shoulders" abbrev="Shoulders"/>
    <tag group="gType" tag="Wonder" name="Wondrous Item" abbrev="Wonder"/>
    <tag group="iSchool" tag="Enchant"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="EquipAvail"/>
    <bootstrap thing="raHCBless">
      <assignval field="trkMax" value="1"/>
    <eval phase="PreLevel" priority="10000" index="2"><![CDATA[      if (field[gIsEquip].value <> 0) then
        if (hero.childlives[deiArazniR] <> 0) then
          #enhancementbonus[hero.child[mNatural], 1]
    <prereq message="Requires Arazni deity.">
      <validate><![CDATA[        if (hero.childlives[deiArazni] <> 0) then
          @valid = 1
  <thing id="deiArazni" name="Arazni" description="Was patron saint of Ozem so assuming LG." compset="Deity" uniqueness="unique">
    <usesource source="CSGodsMagc"/>
    <usesource source="CoreDeity"/>
    <tag group="ProductId" tag="Paizo" name="Paizo Publishing, LLC" abbrev="Paizo Publishing, LLC"/>
    <tag group="AlignTemp" tag="LawGood"/>
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