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Just a bit of additional clarity here, there were actually three different issues occurring with the spellcasting. We addressed the blatant not being able to prepare spells one in a hotfix right off iirc.

Factoring into this though is that if you haven't selected a Patron for your Witch, the spells in the add to your spellbook list shows up as invalid because you haven't been assigned a tradition. Not selecting a bloodline for Sorcerers actual has a similar issue, it's just less obvious because you can prepare any spell if you have no specific tradition. We just rolled out some upgrades this week to provide more informative warning messages if you haven't selected something central to your class that will impact functionality in this manner (if you haven't chosen a Patron, it will tell you that doing so will impacts you spell choices and grants bonus spells for instance). We're working on some additional improvements to the flow of choices made for your character, so these selections will appear more prominently.

Finally, there was also an issue with the spellcasting class for the spellbooks being linked, which was also resolved this week, so functionally everything should be working properly now.

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