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Hey all,

With the help of some additional user feedback through our formal bug report system we have reproduced this issue and after discussing it with our team we believe we have a much better understanding of what you're seeing.

In short, the surface level explaination here is that the Witch Dedication Familiar Spells menu is requiring that the Spellcasting Type that is selected inside either the Spellbook or Familiar Spells configuration menu (These are linked currently due to a bug and changing this to read "Witch Spellcasting in either area will change it in both) so that it can validate the Spells listed on the Familiar Spells menu. Despite the dropdown registering as Witch inside of the Wizard Spellbook, at least as far as our testing has shown, it will still validate Arcane Spells as intended. With this reading as Witch Spellcasting the selections made inside the Familiar Spells menu will validate properly as it relates to the Patron selection from the Witch Dedication.

In the process of going over the report and digging into the feedback we have also come to find a workaround to eliminate the annoying validation errors too so I'm going to outline these steps here in hopes it can tidy things up a bit while the underlying problems are under review for a proper fix.

1) Open the Wizard Class Tab
2) Ensuring you've already chosen the desired Patron for your Witch Dedication, open either the Spellbook or Familiar Spells Panel
3) Using the dropdown selector, choose "Witch Spellcasting"
4) Open the Familiar Spells menu if you are not already there and begin adding any Spells that belong to the Witch Spellcasting Tradition that correspond to the Patron you've chosen to the Free Advancement Spells or Buy Additional Spells Tables

This should eliminate the errors that are displayed for now while we hammer away at the underlying issues at hand.
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