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I have a glimmer of an idea that it might be because I was adding a single entity for all instances of fRPlusSp instead of assigning it any time it's defined in the editor for a given background, but I'm not certain how I would do that, since it's a thing bootstrapped onto another thing.

For example, here a very simplified background that offers a choice of one of three skill specialties:
<thing id="bckTestBG" name="Test BG" compset="Bckgrnd" uniqueness="unique">
  <bootstrap thing="fRPlusSp">
    <autotag group="Specialty" tag="spEngArch"/>
    <autotag group="Specialty" tag="spHvyBeam"/>
    <autotag group="Specialty" tag="spPistBeam"/>
I can't seem to add a child inside of the bootstrap element. So maybe putting it in the fRPlusSp thing is fine? But if so, how do I get each one to have their own entity so that they're not all selecting the same thing?

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