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I am replacing a menu_things with a chooser_table to leverage the choice actually being added as a pick (specifically, I want a particular character Background to allow the choice of a Skill Specialty). Previously, I used "candidatefield" on the menu_things to make it easy to build a list of choices to be stored in a field, something like "component.Specialty & (Specialty.spEngArch | Specialty.spEngVeh)" to restrict the choice to either the Architecture or Vehicle specialty of Engineering.

When I try to use that, I get a message saying that candidatepick has to be specified as well. Looking at the code examples I have where that is used, it always seems to be tied to a gizmo. Is there a way to tell it to just look at a field on the UserSelect? Or is there a way to tell the candidate child element to draw its contents from a field?

      if (@ispick = 0) then
        @text = "{text clrwarning}Select Specialty"
        @text = field[name].text
      @text = "Choose a specialty"
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