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I'm just getting into the Savage Worlds system. Got Rippers/Rippers Resurrected and am looking at grabbing some other Savage Worlds stuff this week and next during the sales and back the Flash Gordon kick tarter next week with some money I'm getting for my birthday today and this week. (My birthday is on the 21st of November.)

So I'm wondering if anyone has any advice and/or screen shots of using Realm Works with Savage Worlds.

Sort looking for a comparison of this is a PDF of the material and Realm Works version of the same since a lot of text often something simple like an old D&D module.

Some of the adventures I got look like they'll be easy to enter and other don't.

I do have Hero Lab with the Authoring kit so I can do stat blocks and will buy the Savage Worlds compassion for Hero Lab if they go on sale during Black Friday.

I want to plan out my Savage Worlds Realms better than my other realms.

Also is it best to do a separate Rippers and Rippers Resurrected realms? I want to run campaigns for both and they are in the same universe. Resurrected however is set after the events in the original plot Point campaign in Rippers , and the events in the first bring about a lot of the events, plots, etc. in Resurrected.
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