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How do you mention people other than using a quote like below?
In this case I wanted to simply respond without showing the quote,
Originally Posted by Parody View Post
Personally I would consider the Category groupings the unnecessary level. (You can turn them off by setting the Navigation View/Similar Topic Grouping preference to "By Simple Grouping".)

Here's the Skills section of my Paranoia realm, showing a stub of the Energy Weapons skill (since I apparently never went back and updated the earliest skills I entered after changing their Category definition. Oops!)

Here I've put all of the Skills and Specialties (Stats and Skills, respectively, in most other RPGs) into a hierarchy. The top-level Article is a Generic Ability Article, while I created custom Categories for the Skills and Specialties. In addition to giving you a link destination, it gives you a place to put general information for the contained items.

The problem is that the target isn't in the current navigation, whether because it's in a different View or because you've filtered what you're seeing. The command to reveal it won't do anything for the same reason.

There are a lot of edge cases, but (as someone who is almost always in the World Almanac or Mechanics Reference) I'd prefer it worked something like this:

If the Navigation is showing one of the global "views" (World Almanac/Mechanics Reference/Storyboard/User Notes), there's no filter, and the link target is in a different global "view", switch to reveal the new item without asking.

Otherwise, ask (with a "don't show again" checkbox) to do the minimum necessary to reveal the new item, in roughly this order:

- Turn off the filter that hides the item.
- Switch to the related global "view" for the current View.
- Switch to any other global "view".

Even if they don't want to implement this when following a link, the explicit show command (Ctrl-=) should tell you why the item can't be revealed and/or do the above.

While they are arbitrary, I like the limitations in a way; they hopefully make you think about what you're trying to show people and resize your windows or crop/resize your screenshots. You can always put your image elsewhere and link to it if you need full resolution for something.
Doing some of the things you mentioned might make it it a little more chaotic than it already is. Those are good ideas though for future consideration. Thanks!

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