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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
You want to add a table in the mechanics article?

That's pretty easy. You can do it manually, the table tools are in the format toolbar for doing so. Start editing a snippet, and you can insert a new table. You can also copy and paste a table from an existing source but I've had less than good results trying this.
I see no format toolbar in the "Mechanics Reference" under the "Race/Species" tab. The only option on that tab is a button labeled "Modify Category" with a blue arrow on it. There is an option to "Create new Race/Species article" but I wanted to include the tables for race info on the tab. Clicking the "Modify Category" button doesn't help either.
Originally Posted by Vargr View Post

Not sure what exactly you are talking about here (re. #4). To me it sounds like you want a way to have a snippet pre-populated with content (such as a generic table or other info), so that when you make a new topic some of the snippets already contains information.
No not pr-epopulated though it would be nice to have such a thing.

No, there is (at present at least) no way you can fill a snippet with content in the Manage/Categories setup and have it carried over to the World Almanac or Mechanics Reference. It hs been requested nad is (IMHO) so logical and essential that I believe it will become a feature one day.

I have made a sort'o work-around: In the Mechanics Reference I have a topic that contains pre-populated snippets. I simply copy the contents over to a new snippet whenever I need something generic, such as a table for renown.

If this is not what you meant, see kbs666 answer :-)
I have went ahead and added an article under Race/Species and added the Race tables into that.

I just noticed something.
I can't seem to find a category for Experience Guidelines and Leveling up. Is there a category for this that I missed somewhere?

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