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Not sure what exactly you are talking about here (re. #4). To me it sounds like you want a way to have a snippet pre-populated with content (such as a generic table or other info), so that when you make a new topic some of the snippets already contains information.

No, there is (at present at least) no way you can fill a snippet with content in the Manage/Categories setup and have it carried over to the World Almanac or Mechanics Reference. It hs been requested nad is (IMHO) so logical and essential that I believe it will become a feature one day.

I have made a sort'o work-around: In the Mechanics Reference I have a topic that contains pre-populated snippets. I simply copy the contents over to a new snippet whenever I need something generic, such as a table for renown.

If this is not what you meant, see kbs666 answer :-)

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