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I have most of my races under "Group: Ethnic" under the World Almanac, but I also eventually created a "Races of Mithra" category under the People section also in the World Almanac (newer races). I have since then realized there is a "Race/Species" section in the Characters tab under Mechanics Reference. I would like to move all of the races under the World Almanac in "Group: Ethnic" and "Races of Mithra" to the "Race/Species" tab under the Mechanic Reference.
I noticed that if I click the "Modify Category" button it takes me to the Manage Categories and Snippet Types section, and if I click on the tool icon there is an option of "Move To" with the option of "Mechanics Article Categories". I am weary of doing this because of the warning.
My questions are:
1. How will this affect the World Almanac?
2. Is this the best (only way) to move sections that I inappropriately placed in the wrong section?
3. What did you (anyone) do with the races in your world? What section did you place them under, or are there multiple sections for them in your RW?
4. I wanted to create a table in the Race/Species tab under the Mechanics Reference that has all the stat mods and other race info (racial skill ranks, abilities, etc) in it but there is no way I can to how to add content to this. Basically it is all the "mechanics" for each race.
A bonus question:
5: Is it better to keep them under the World Almanac or put them in the Mechanics Reference?

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