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I agree on how time consuming it could be. But for a long-running campaign, keeping track of who knows what could be daunting which would make the time spent up front invaluable.

I ran a campaign of assassins once. This level of reveal would have been great so I could keep track of who knew what and where the gaps in knowledge were. The intrigue and distrust and character inter-dependencies would have been much deeper with a tool like this where I could literally see it.

One of Gmail's recent updates on android added a colored circle with the sender's initial. Most mails have one letter, but if there are replies in a thread, it cuts the circle in half and quarters to give an indication of how many people are involved in the conversation. This would be a great way to indicate in a simple fashion individuals that know something. If something like this is implemented, I'd like the ability to see the inverse as well -- who in the campaign does NOT know.
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