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I keep trying to make my purchase using credit cards. I've made about 5 purchases and 5 times, the stress from these purchase failures became health concerns. I just don't know what is going wrong.

I'm not from the United States, I'm from the Netherlands, so I suspect that the website simply doesn't recognize the syntax of my postal code as my credit card has recorded it, leading to authentication failures.

I just can't figure it out. I am not usually the kind of guy who has fits of rage, but when the website says that they cannot process my order, but my credit card company keeps happily reporting back to me that Lone Wolf has just taken 15 times twenty from my credit card, I think I have the right to be very, very, very stressed about that.

I need help, direly. I can't tell you how big an effect this is having on my enjoyment of roleplaying games, that I have to use this otherwise wonderful tool that I cannot purchase new licenses for. I have some psychological issues that I very rarely have to deal with, but they flare up something fierce due to these failures.

Please, someone, anyone, help me enjoy this product and never have to deal with this ********* again. First time was bad enough, five times is just unforgivable.
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