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Being able to copy a realm now is a HUGE plus to this tool. So there is one plus from LWD trying to launch the content market. Big Positive there.

Honestly for me, the delay and LWD giving the free cloud service has been a positive.

Since they are not going to have WOTC content, I hope the content market keeps getting delayed as then I would not have to start paying for the cloud service. I already entered the WOTC module we are using by hand into realm works, and am not interested in the Paizo stuff. So i am not sure it is worth the cloud subscription as I am only DMing one group now and I am not sure it is a good outlay just so 3 guys who have the players version can sync to the realm.

I probably would be ok if the content market didn't come till the end of the year. Right around when Kobold Press releases the updated Midgard setting. Hopefully that will be in Realm Works!
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