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As joepacelli says, remove all mention of TO-BE features. Too many people buy the product based on road-map promises rather than what the product currently offers and then the rest of us have to keep reading their whining and complaining.

I have to disagree with the posters who ask for more updates, I think RW should give FEWER updates. People are going to hang on the developers' every word and hold them accountable for any suggested future feature, regardless of the caveats. They should only announce features when they are ready to release. Not "we expect to have by Some Con", not even "we hope to have in the next 2-3 months", only: the features are complete and will be released on the following date.

RealmWorks is an excellent tool for what it does and is well worth the price for many people as it is now. Too much of LWD's marketing, however, is focused on features in development and they are too small of a company to crunch or crash schedules to meet their release-date goals. It is best that they stop talking about it until its ready to release.

For those who bought the program based on PLANNED features, well, caveat emptor. Don't do that next time. Don't buy something that doesn't currently have a feature you require because it might have that feature some day. Keep your money in the bank and collect interest until a tool has the feature set you need.

For Kickstarter backers, yeah, you have grounds for complaint, but we've all heard them. Periodically coming to the forums to post complaints isn't accomplishing anything. If you feel you must vent, isn't that what the Kickstarter comments section is for?

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