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I understand that the coding and logic for the Content Market is going to be very complex. I myself am a Software Developer doing SQL Server Development and writing c# services. I've done plenty of ETL development so I can understand that the importing and exporting is complex.

What LWD need's to do is remove the portion from their web site with the features for Realm Works.
This then says: Pre-Created Content is Ready to Drop In
Coming in 2016.

We are half way through 2017 already.

I remember starting a thread in March 2016, asking the release date for Content Market after finding and reading information about the Content Market from 2014;
Content Market - Tentative Date?
I waited to purchase Realm Works and finally purchased it last month in May after a post from BJ
Our hope is to have the Content Market out by Paizo Con or close to it. Our devs have been hard at work adding improvements and necessary items to make this happen.

Yes there will be some Paizo Modules available at launch. I am not at liberty to say which ones yet.
All I'm asking for is more frequent updates on the progress. At least a weekly progress report from LWD on their progress.
Spending 10-15 minutes at the end of your week providing this information is much less time than having to respond daily to everyone's complaining of failed promises.
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