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The following differences i have found in The Ruin of Arnor sourcebook:

Arvedui, Last King of Arnor page 8
Fate is 0 not 1

Malbeth the Seer page 8
Fight value is 3 not 5

Aragorn/Strider page 9
Should have same options as Aragorn/Strider from The Fellowship army list

Arathorn page 9
Cost is 75 not 65

Halbarad Dunadain page 10
Courage is 6 not 5

Peregrin Took page 13
Fate is 1 not 0

Samwise the Brave page 13
Option for pony = 5 points

Peregrin Guard of the Citadel page 14
Wounds 1 not 2

Meriadoc Knight of the Mark page 14
Wounds 1 not 2

Farmer Maggot page 15
Special Rule Grip,Fang & Wolf missing

Paladin Took page 15
Will is 1 not 2
Fate is 2 not 1

Bilbo Baggins page 16
Special Rule The Ring is set up in equipment options rather than special rules(not a major problem to be honest) and the description for it is wrong.

Hobbit Archers page 18
Special Rule Signal horn missing
Signal horn option = 20 points

Buhdur page 20
Fight Value is 6/4 not 6/-

Gulavhar, the Terror of Arnor page 21
Special Rule Strength of Body, Strength of Will should say Gulavhar always has an Attacks and Courage value equal to his remaining Wounds. Currently say equal to his remaining Will.
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