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Originally Posted by Winkmog View Post
The following differences i have found in the Gondor in Flames sourcebook:

Hope this helps
All completed with the exception of the defense stats. The reason for the defense as listed is due to shields which if dropped(for whatever reason) would eliminate that extra point of defense score. I am trying to figure out though if there are any rules which support the need for both values, otherwise the final value can simply be used. I think its mainly an issue with mounted units and units that have both shields and bows.

Oh yeah, additionally, it appears your review is for the 'free peoples' list only. Please note that LoME is still the default book standard for army building. Its rules are only overruled by more current [army lists], not more current models. The LoME lists have several instances where all the available model options are not present. This is an attempt to stay both within the timeline of play, as well as for game balancing. As such, I have updated your examples for the free peoples list, however the army specific instances that continue to omit those options have been retained.

I am hoping to get the final touches done in the next few days to add the missing units, and then plan for a week of testing. My goal is to get the next release out for 3/15.

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