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The following differences i have found in the Fall of the Necromancer sourcebook:

Saruman the White page 37
Staff of Power description should say: Whilst he wields his staff Saruman can expend 1 point of Will each turn without reducing his own store.

The Necromancer page 43
Defence is 8 not 9
Drain Soul in the description need to change the word king to Necromancer

Khamul the Easterling page 44
Black Dart should be 6 not 5
Compel should be 5 not 4
Drain Courage 3 not 2
Sap Will 4 not 3
Transfix 4 not 3

Giant Spider page 47
Venom description should say : The fangs of the Giant Spiders are highly venomous. They must re-roll each score of 1 when rolling to wound.

Hope this helps

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