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Hi jlong
First of all i would like to say thankyou very much for taking up the upkeep of Lotr sbg datafile. It is very welcome!

Thank you for updating what i have found so far. A speedy job.

I used the ORB and all the latest sourcebooks. I don't use the lome book as it's very out of date with info and profiles. I always thought what ever the latest book says takes presedence over existing info.

Im currently working my way through each scourcebook looking for differences. So far i have only done Gondor in flames.
I have found another 10 or so errors or out of date info just from this book. Would you like me to write them here or send you a pm?

If you need any info or stats for the new figures please let me know. im more than happy to help with supplying stats and info to keep this file updated.

Many Thanks
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