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Hi' is there anyone able to update the lotr system?
I have found several errors and mistakes on the current one which need adjusting.
If anyone can help to maintain the system it would be very much appreciated.

The following things need updating or adjusting.

Corsair Bo'sun basic points cost should be 45 points not 50

Mordor Troll description of war drums currently says it effects orcs, uruk hai and trolls. It should say orcs, mordor uruk hai and trolls.

Magical power Immobilise/Transfix description currently says If he wins a combat he will strike. Should say if he wins a combat he will not strike.

Warrior of the dead should have an option for a banner costing 25 points

Knights of Dol Amroth should have option for horn blower costing 20 points

Galadriel magic description to cast immobilize should be 3+ not 2+

Legolas needs the option of armour costing 5 points

Elf warriors currently have hand weapon set in their basic profile. Elf warriors should be unarmed on the basic profile.

The following new figures for LOTR need to be added.
Gundabad Blackshield Captain (Goblin)
Gundabad Blackshield Shaman (Goblin)
Gundabad Blackshields (Goblin)
Gundabad Blackshield Drummers (Goblin)
Cave Drake
Floi Stonehand, Loremaster of Moiria (Dwarf)
The King's Champion (Dwarf)

Many thanks
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