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Originally Posted by JohnnyCanuck View Post
I'm the Character Sheet Wrangler for my campaign, probably because I'm the guy who bought HeroLab. BUT ANYWAY

Another player in the campaign has received a story award: he can cast Endure Cold and Chill Metal once a day (each). What's the best way to add these to his character sheet? I was hoping Permanent Adjustments would allow me to do it, but adding spell-like abilities isn't one of the available options.
Right now, the only way to do this is to go into the editor, create the spell-like ability and bootstrap it to something already on your character. It does bring up an interesting idea, though. I'll look into whether this can be done with an adjustment, though probably easier said than done.

Update: I don't see an easy solution to this due to a wide array of variables and other issues. There is a file in the community set named "Custom - Spell Like Abilities". You can use the things contained within or model your own after them. If you want to see how they are used, you can look at the thing "Spell-Like Abilities: Astral Deva" contained within the Monster Manual 1 file.

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