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At 02:13 AM 8/9/2008, you wrote:
thanks for the update, it's good to hear what is going on.

have you thought about opening some of the code for AB up as open source and allowing other developers to help out. even if that was only on on some of the small stories or refactoring work etc

I'm a java and c# developer myself so I know the pain that comes with any development work and I would love to be given to opportunity to help out in any small way.
Opening things up partway requires that we properly carve out those pieces and define essentially a plug-in model for them, thereby allowing others to adapt and extend the functionality. Unfortunately, doing taht well requires lots of time in the code and then to document everything. I would love to do it, but there just hasn't been time to get it done.

If it came down to it, would it more valuable to open up AB like this? Or would it be more valuable to actually add new user-centered and/or authoring functionality? In other words, given a fixed amount of development time, where should it be spent?
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