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I received a reply on the 31st July 2007 stating that Loan Wolf Development were behind on their schedule for a new release of AB and that not only was one planned "before the end of the year (2007)" and also that "we'll need to address this (paying for frequent updates but not receiving them) in some way for users". I then received another email stating that an announcement would be released "at the end of the month (Oct 2007)". However, still no announcement and now no replies to me emails. I think this "revolutionary" licensing system has just been a way to gather more profit for the company and, rather than making things better, has merely led to us paying more.

I would really like a reply from LWD to just let me know that they truely are working on this issue and not just ignoring people that have paid for a service (frequent releases) and are not receiving them.
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