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Having a problem getting some of the Ally choices to work properly with some of the races. When i load up AB Creator, load the file lotr-en.def, and go to the Race tab; i can see how to add or remove allies from each army's list. The problem is with Umbar. The list is correct in the lotr-en.def file, but for some reason it doesn't work when i create a new Umbar army in AB EX.

Specifically: When i create an Umbar army i should be able to select <The Serpent Horde> as an ally, however it shows <The Corsair Fleets> in that spot.

Another odd thing is that i can't always edit the allies, i've tried removing roster.serpent and a few others from the list, saved the lotr-en.def file, opened AB EX and created Umbar. It still shows all the original allies including the corsair fleets.

Is there some other file that stores info about what army can ally with another? or is there some other spot in the lotr-en.def file that i need to look at?

Any help would be great as our club uses this program a lot and we want to be ready to go when the new Games Workshop units become available in February.
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