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I just filed a bug report on this, but I thought I'd mention it to see if anyone has seen this before and figured a better workaround.

One of the PCs in my game has a magic item that gives an enhancement bonus to Intelligence (among many other powers); it is also his legendary item. When I add it to a character as a regular item, I can pick all three skills & Hero Lab adds the skill ranks and additional languages to the character correctly when the item is equipped. However, if I then make that item legendary, it allows me to select the three skills still, but it doesn't add them to the character when the item is equipped. It does increase the Int score and other abilities - it just doesn't add the skills or languages.

Similarly, I just added an item that gives the wearer the Dimensional Agility feat. It works fine as a regular item; equip it and the feat appears in the character's feat list. However, when the item is legendary, the feat doesn't appear when the item is equipped.

I suspect there's some kind of timing issue, but I don't really fully understand Hero Lab timing, especially not for legendary items. I copied the timing of other items (headband of vast intelligence and the ioun stone that gives Alertness) to get the regular item working.

There's a fairly easy workaround - add one copy and make it legendary & assign the abilities, then add a regular copy of the item and equip it.

As I recall, it didn't work when I first created the item months ago, but I could swear it started working at one time several months ago;, but it once again not working.

Any ideas?

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