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The Ids listed are core rulebook spells, but none of them are the right spell to use in most cases - they're not the wizard...cleric...druid...bard (sorry if I got the priority order for which spell to use as an SLA wrong, I'm working from memory on that) - suggestion at level 3 is the one to use and charm monster at level 4 is the one to use, but here they're using the level 2 and 3 versions.

My guess for what to check would be that originally, the race set up its SLAs with the wrong spells, and had an eval script to make some kind of modifications to those SLAs. Then, when HL added the option to report an error if an SLA was built on the wrong spell, the SLA bootstrap was fixed, but not the eval script.

That's the kind of error that wouldn't be caught until you actually tested the race, and I don't think it would be reported to the user as an error unless Enable Data File Debugging is turned on, so few people would actually see it.
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