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Originally Posted by ashuramarsh View Post
Was this ever fixed? I am getting this too since I am now adding Arueshalae to the party as they just rescued her.

I do not have the GM Mythic pack installed as I have the Pathfinder Pack v1.2 installed (even reinstalled to be sure), which states it includes the previous GM Mythic pack and indeed the mythic pack isn't even in updates for download.

So curious if anyone ever figured this out?

Additional info:
I do get an error on load
Critical information not found in data files: Source 'Sargava, The Lost Colony v1'
Critical information not found in data files: Source 'Cheliax, Empire of Devils'
Critical information not found in data files: Source 'Taldor, Echoes of Glory'

But this does not prevent the use of addons, I still have those just fine.

My license was reactivated today since i purchused an additional dataset. But the aforementioned reinstall of the Pathfinder Pack was after that.
You don't have those books which is a totally different set of errors from the OP.

HL can't load books you don't own. But in the top right corner HL now displays which books and Things didn't load correctly but the rest of the stuff should work. This is why the community Pack is one single download now as it will load even when required Things are not found. You just won't have access to the missing pieces...

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