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The only error is the one quoted above. I still have access to things from the mythic GM pack, too. (If it went into safe mode, there ought to be a lot more errors, as that portfolio has several characters using mythic stuff, WotR stuff, the Unchained Pack, your adjustments, and so forth. There'd be a plethora of non-existent things!)

I did reactivate the license when I reinstalled Hero Lab, and it said it was working. I did have to reassign it to this PC at the start of the month, when I upgraded to Win10. That may be when the problem started (I didn't look at this portfolio for a few weeks). But the info on the hero configuration window says the license includes all the stuff (ARG, Adventurer's Armory, Bestiaries 1-5, Campaign Settings 1, 2, 10-15, "and 41 more").

The GM Mythic Pack shows as present, version 3.14.

Somehow, it thinks spSuggest2 and spCharMon3 aren't things, though she should have them as 3/day SLAs.

The errors go away if I check off the Redeemed box on the In-Play tab, but that makes sense, as that eval script escapes out in that case.

I am thinking maybe I'll copy the COM_GMMythicPack_AP075 - Demons Heresy.user file from my laptop to this PC via Dropbox, see if that does anything; maybe that files just corrupt & not getting replaced somehow?
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