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I let the PCs upgrade specific armor or weapons - so they can increase the enhancement bonus on their celestial armor or their sun sword. Is there any way to do this in Hero Lab? So, for example, celestial armor would appear on the armor tab under Magic, Custom & Masterwork armor and have the edit button, so one could click it and increase the enhancement bonus, or add comfort or shadow or the like.

I know I can create a custom version of an item in the editor - for example, I could create "celestial armor (Nisha)" as a new item that's a copy of the regular celestial armor, then alter it as Nisha's player upgrades the armor. However, that can get kind of tedious, compared to just upgrading regular magic armor in on the armor tab in Hero Lab.

I could also create an item power ("celestial armor", etc) and assign it the extra cost and abilities of the base item, then create an item in the armor tab, pick the right sort of armor, add "celestial armor", the enhancement bonus, etc., then upgrade it as usual. But then it shows up as "+1 celestial armor chainmail" or the like, and people can add it to other armors (when I don't want them to be able to - I want the base item to be the base).

I'm thinking I want a way to create a custom item in the editor's Armor, Magic (or Weapon, Magic) tabs, and then have it available to add abilities in Hero Lab's regualr armor tab. I don't see a way to do it, but maybe I'm missing something.

Am I?
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