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Yup, I'm getting there.

Rag'Narok AB 101:
ok, the way I do it is first add a unit you want. Say the Eclipsants.
Then, if you want you can make one of their number a leader, up to the number of models in the unit.

That's your basic unit. I don't have the minimum of 50APs worked out yet.

Then from the options on the lower right you can choose the Rag'Narok tab. This allows you to add in 1. Characters 2. Independents and 3. Staff ( Since the Devourers don't have musicians or standard bearers, the Staff option should come up empty all the time ).

The Character option brings up every Character in that army. You can double click a Character or click on one and then click the ok button to add them on to your unit.

The Independent option brings up all the Magicians and Faithful. This includes Characters also!

Once Characters or Independents are added to a unit, you can then select them, click on their Rag'Narok tab and see their options. Mainly this will be the option to buy them Leadership.

You can also do this "backwards". Start with a Character/Independent and then add a Unit around them.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Oh, and, no, the CiC option isn't active yet.


** The options available in the Rag'Narok tab should change depending on where the current unit is.....if you start with a Unit and add a Character, that Character can't add a Unit. And the opposite is true, if you start with a Character and add a Unit to them, that Unit can't add a Character...make sense?

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