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Game date is the date on the Golarion (or other world) calendar that your character had this adventure. The real world date is the date the journal entry is recorded in HL, and is intended to reflect when you played that game session in the real world. I know if I can't get that updated on the same day, I edit that date to reflect when I actually played that game.

In PF2, the date that Paizo product are set in is 2700 + the real world calendar's current year, so 4719 AR (Absalom Recoking) for books published in 2019, like the core rulebook, and 4720 for books published this year, like the APG (That's from the "The Inner Sea Region" section on pg 419 of the CRB). So HL defaults to the same year calculations.

We sort the journal entries based on the date they were added to the journal, so the real date. If two are on the same day (and same minute), they default to sorting by name.
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