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Okay, I sent in a couple of bug reports, but want to know if this is bothering anyone else.
The journal Entries seem to be in some sort of wishy washy order, and not going by the game dates at all.

Not sure what purpose the "real dates" serve except to note when the entry was tallied in, I usually erase them.

There is also this annoying change over with PF2 that changes 2020 to 4720 for no apparent reason.

Why does it sort the entries as it does, as it isn't even with newer/older entries. It seems to be going by the numbers or alphabetical, which is stupid.

I also would like to put in the bonus faction reputation for those scenarios that give it for a faction that the character does not have a boon for. I am not sure if there is a way to populate the faction list to choose the second faction selection or if this App expects the character to spend Fame to get all the faction boons for it.

Am I expecting to much?
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